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Jacksonville, FL - Florida Theatre

Last night (Sept 26) Jacksonville, Florida, packed house and rockin... three curtain calls all met with enthusiastic exhuberance ... nobody, nobody left and all could have stayed all night... these guys are rockin and every member of the group is very accomplished... one of the best and tightest bands I have ever heard... these guys have never been away... besides the great music and incredible guitar work by Jim ,singing and guitar from Kenny and the special additions of the side men, what is most fun and impressive is the stage settings, lighting, backdrops, etc... so much fun and neat stuff...where are we going in 2006... I'd go tonight if I could get there in time... thank you thank you, ... all of you guys are always welcome at our house, plenty of golf and plenty of beds.... - Michael and Tracey

Based on their sound, they've never been apart. The harmonies were fantastic. The
musicianship was great. Their camaraderie was just right with a little edge to make it interesting! Kenny can still let loose with a soulful sound, especially holding the high notes. - Belle

Words cannot express the feeling I experienced from this sensational concert!
Waiting 30 years for a renunion tour was well worth the wait. Loggins & Messina
harmonize their songs beautifully... Messina's guitar and mandolin playing was exceptional. It's true as they get older, Loggins & Messina are better than ever!
Keep up the great work and continue to give your fans the pleasure of seeing both
of you in many, many more concerts.
- Ilona

More from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Just wanted to say how much fun I had at the concert. The music just kicked in and never looked back ... with 2 encore performances.

There are plenty of reunion tours but none can compare to the authenticity of Loggins & Messina. The sound and harmony is as rich as it ever was. - Rick C

Being one of the younger couples in the audience, it was the first time we've seen Loggins and Messina perform. It was a great concert and interesting to see the dynamics of the two performers together on stage. You can tell they enjoy making music together and performing in front of the crowd. - Dan and Maria N.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Hard Rock Casino

I have been waiting for years for the reunion of Loggins and Messina. I was never lucky enough to see them as a teen, but loved their music. It's music that clearly stands the test of time.

I myself became involved in music as a career. Music director and deejay for a top 10 market radio station. Believe me I see my share of concerts, and though I look forward to many of them I rarely find myself getting excited about a show or seeing it more than one time. NOT THE CASE WITH LOGGINS AND MESSINA.

I wasn't sure if they were coming to Ft. Lauderdale, so I got my tickets with my best friend to go to Gulfport, Mississippi to see them in an intimate theater at the Beau. I was twice
lucky. I experienced their fabulous show with perfect pitch, harmony , and energy and got to see and enjoy the Gulf Coast before the disaster of Hurricane Katrina.

I then found out through a dear promoter friend of mine they were coming to Clearwater, Florida, so I knew Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood or Miami would be a certainty. I put in a call to my best friend who already purchased tickets for us to go to Clearwater telling her they were certain to come to our home town.


It's fun to watch them on stage together, they have fun, you have fun. They music is right on, the memories are solid, the crowd is right with them. It's 3 nights of great entertainment I won't soon forget. - Mindy Lang

Previously to seeing last night show, I only knew about 4 of Loggins and Messina's songs due to the fact that I was only about 13 when I first heard them in jr high school and then they broke up. Since then, I had seen Kenny Loggins in concert alone and really never knew much about his music with Jim Messina. So last night I discovered the magic of Loggins and Messina.

I heard Kenny Loggins sing songs in beautiful harmony with Jim Messina and likewise Jim Messina's voice in harmony with Kenny Loggins. I saw their performance as a genuine treat. Two friends sharing their musical lives, once again, together. The show was just great. I know and understand after seeing them perform together why Loggins and Messina have and greatly deserve to be part of our musical history. I feel very fortunate to have experienced these two musical greats for their 30 year reunion tour. Their band was truly awesome. They are all talented musicians each playing their instruments to a tee. Thanks to Kenny, Jim and the band guys for an AMAZING evening. - Vivien P

I never venture onto web sites after a show. EVER! But I was so impelled! You guys had us rockin' from the first note!

Loggins and Messina proved that they were not just an incredible force from the 70's, but are the most awesome sound in Rock today! Your music just pulsed around your audience like a comfortable old friend! Thank you!

Thank you for a great, great concert with a team of musicians second to none! Come back to us again soon!!

And GET INTO THE STUDIO, GUYS! You are sooo needed to fill our musical void of years late! Love, Love, Love! - Jonni and Joe