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Solvang, CA - 2004
A Benefit for Arts Outreach

An Evening of Acoustic Music
Plus a special guest appearance by

Imagine a Kenny Loggins Concert. The feeling that you’re in a setting of high energy in a room for only 750 great friends. Imagine the intense euphoria and anticipation of a once in a lifetime show.
Then Richie Furay is on stage and already steals the show, and with his signature vocals, belting out tunes including Forever In Love, Do I Have to Come Right Out And Say It, Clancy’s Song, Run Away and Hide, and Good Feelin’ To Know.

Then, along with Richie, Jim Messina takes the stage with two ladies that have voices like angles and harmonize with Jim to tunes such as Gotta Good Feeling, and Kind Woman, with one of the best slide guitarist in the industry… Rusty Young and tunes including Better Think Twice and Crazy Love.

I’m already blown away when Paul Cotton joins in on lead vocals for Heart Of The Night. Somewhere in there they have an intermission … but,who cares!! Jim starts Piece Of Mind (solo) and right on que, the unique unmistakable sound of Kenny Loggins joins in, and the crowd is on their feet and, for us, the reunion of LOGGINS AND MESSINA is happening!

Watching The River Run, Pooh Corner and Happy To Know You’re Alive, follow. Then Kenny does a solo of The One That Got Away and as always, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. But, suddenly we’re on our feet to I’m Alright and doing a sing along to Conviction Of The Heart. Then along with Jim comes Danny’s Song, Long Tail Cat and Listen To A Country Song. Somewhere in there is that intense smile and sound of a bass guitar that can
only be Shem and Chris is floating on and off stage sitting on an amp, keeping beat with the hands of one of the most talented drummers in the biz.

Next, Kenny goes into Alive And Kickin’. Then it’s a L&M tune..Same Old Wine
which segues into Golden Ribbon. And they end the set with Angry Eyes. By now everyone is on stage and as always Kenny or Jim or Richie or Rusty can’t help but make us all feel right at home. Kenny... always the storyteller (you could listen to him all evening just talking) and Jim having to put on his glasses to see anything and breaks the ice as everyone on stage in turn has to put on their glasses, not to mention, someone (mostly Kenny and Jim) asking, before each song, “What Key Is This In” All the time keeping us in stiches!

Next, with everyone on stage, glasses on, all in the same key…It's Richie on vocals, with Pickin’ up the pieces. Then Rusty, with his great sense of humor, on vocals with Let’s Call It Love. Ending the 3 and a half hours, are the boys doing Footloose and the now famous jam/medley “You’re Mama Don’t Dance, You’re Daddy sings Elvis, Aretha, Smokey but still Don’t Rock And Roll. This is a night that none of us, fortunate enough to have been a part of it,
will soon forget! - JoJo Lawren

From Pooh Corner to Avalon to Neverland and Back!
This really is the end of an era!
We were kids when "Sitin' In" hit!
Jim was already a favorite from his days with Poco
and then this guy with an overgrown shag
and a "stash" to boot...
floored us with a voice... indescribable!
And,with Jim's already signature style,
a new sound was born.

The tunes stand up as well today
as they did some 30 years ago.
Mama DID finally learn how to dance...
and just try to stop daddy from
rockin' 'n rollin'!
We've grown older indeed....
but with Kenny and Jim Sitin'In Again...
this is one person who feels as if I haven't aged a day!
Welcome Home Boys!

JoJo Lawren

B.R. Cohn Winery

I had the great pleasure of seeing Kenny & Jim for the third time this summer at the BR Cohn Hurricane Benefit Concert. Bands playing included: The Doobie Brothers, Little Feat, Taj Mahal, The Turtles, Joe Satriani and Lisa Loeb.

The setting was breathtaking in the middle of the vineyard. The stage was at ground level and we sat on the hillside on a beautiful 70-degree day.   PERFECT!!

The boys played an all acoustic set, no band, just a borrowed bongo player from another band. They started with Watching the River Run, "The Bear song" as Jim called it, Danny's Song, You Better Think Twice and a couple of songs from other artists I can't recall. Kenny & Jim were very relaxed, playful and brought in members from the other bands to just jam. They ended the set with Your Mama Don't Dance which had everyone on their feet.

The long haired guy from the Dobbie Brothers, Lisa Loeb and another harmonica player jammed along with them, it was GREAT !! When the song was over Kenny & Jim left the stage but the crowd would not stop, they wanted an encore, the only one of the day! Cohn sent them back out, Jim said "We don't have anything planned." The played Angry Eyes acoustic! No other instruments, or back up singers, just them. I swear the way Jim played the guitar it sounded like an electric. Kenny ended the show with Conviction of the Heart which blew everyone away.

I've seen two reunion shows this summer and they were great, but this was very special and quaint and the boys seemed to really enjoy themselves. During the set change for the next band Kenny came out to the front of the stage,
signed autographs, and shook our hands. The stage was at ground level so we were face to face with him.

You could see them behind the fence taking to all the other bands really enjoying the beautiful day for a great cause. 100% of the money raised went to the hurricane victims.
They had a live auction for a signed guitar from Tom Petty, an electric and acoustic guitars signed by all the bands, a one lucky winner got to have dinner with all the bands.

Thank you Kenny and Jim for donating your time to be there. I know they had to be tired playing in Florida on Friday and flying back out here. As you can tell I had a wonderful time, and the wine was good too. Thanks for ending a great summer of memories and taking us all back in time. - Sherry Thixton

Greek Theatre - Santa Barbara Bowl - California

What a thrill to see Loggins and Messina perform again. When they split up, it felt like my world would never be the same again. It was like Cat Stevens leaving!

I was privileged enough to meet Loggins and the band when they had a rehearsal at my uncle's home in Topanga, California. I remember as a 16 year old girl, who was crazy about the band, watching them perform my favorite songs in a beautiful setting. When I asked "Mr. Loggins" if he would have lunch with us, he said, "Call me Kenny." I still remember being weak in the knees!

I dragged my husband, a huge skeptic and now a die-hard fan, my 6 year old and one year old to not only the Greek Theatre in L.A. but to the Santa Barbara Bowl. I can't wait for the DVD! - Claudia Keith

All Along the Tour ....

People talk about how this tour has brought back memories but this music has never gone away. To see it again "live" was a true joy. Jimmy and Kenny (and band) can still bring it as well as ever. If your as big a L & M fan as I am and you missed this tour please hope for another one! I know Jon Clarke is smiling up in heaven. Thank You guys for a night to remember. - Bob

Loggins & Messina have been my favorites since the 70's. I was lucky enough to meet both of them many years ago with my best friend who is now deceased. We were such fans of them. I cried when I saw them on the Morning Show and they sang Danny's Song, which was her favorite.

Unfortunately, they will not be coming to the VIrginia Beach area and I will not be able to see them. To all the fans who love them like I do, I hope you enjoy. - VA From VA

I was madly in love with Jim Messina in High School - and I finally got to see him play a mandolin LIVE - it was wonderful. They sounded great. All in all great show that brought back a lot of memories. Thanks guys ! - Mary Lou

I had been looking forward to this reunion concert and WOW did they deliver!! This was a "from the heart" wild, passionate, giving it all they've got, jammin' performance! Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina plus terrific back-up musicians were superb in every way. Thank you for an evening I will always remember and cherish! - Susan

This was not a nostalgia concert. It was Loggins and Messina, performing artists who took a big risk after all these years and rose to the occasion in every way. These guys were just great....They have to come again. Kenny was an inspiration and Jim just perfect. Can't wait for the DVD!