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Radio City Music Hall

I spent my first 26 years in California. Lived in Newport Beach, L&M country from
1974-76. I remained a passionate Kenny Loggins fan, attending may concerts over
the years, but this was my first time for Loggins and Messina. Last night, Jim Messina really knocked me out! Today, I downloaded "Same Old Wine" and some other Loggins & Messina on ITunes. All I can say, is "Keep on Rocking". You are needed now more than ever! - Lorie

What an incredible concert. The last time I was at Radio City I was in high school; it is certainly gorgeous; the best thing is was almost filled. The crowd was great; loved Kenny & Jimmy. What's not like to like? They were both awesome as well as the band; everyone's solo was fantastic.

Not only can Kenny sing and is very funny, he can dance ... just love his
little jig during the instrumental in "Be Free." Now looking forward to the DVD. - Judy

Wow!!! is the word I would use for this concert. It was our 30th anniversary
and we got tickets at the last minute [after trying for two months] and we
sat in the 4th row in the pit!! It was surreal! You could not have asked for
more. Their voices were as good as they were 30 years ago and there band was outstanding! They sang every song you would want to hear and they did them
all with such passion that you knew they were having a great time. As I read the reviews on different threads I get chills at the accounts of the people who enjoyed the shows. I have to thank Loggins and Messina for giving us a most memorable anniversary gift. You guys are GREAT!!!!
With sincere love and thanks - Addie

It was deja Vu , talk about bringing you back. I closed my eyes and was brought
back to a time of peace and love. Great sounds , tight vocals, and they sounded
better than ever. what great mix and all the best songs. Thanks for the reunion. It
was well worth the wait. - Bob Bennett

What a great evening of music! From the opening notes of "Watching the River Run" to the "Danny's Song" sing-along to end the show, it was just wonderful to listen to the sound of their voices and instruments fill the great Radio City Music Hall. Seeing them finally after being a fan for so long was the fulfilment of a long-time dream. Here's hoping we get 30 more years of Pooh! - Tom & Pam B.

The last time I saw Loggins & Messina was on their farewell tour in 1976 at the Nassau Coliseum. 29 years later I was sitting in Radio City not knowing what to expect. I was truly please by the quality of the show, band and overall experience.

"The music was right and the band was tight, they still knew how to pick and grin." I just hope I don't have to wait another 29 years to hear from Loggins & Messina again. - Michael Marcus

Great show! In Fall '74 I saw my first L&M show in Nassau Coliseum. The last show I saw was at Cornell University.

After catching the Holmdel, NJ show I wanted more...and the Radio City show delivered. One of my best friends from college had never seen Kenny & Jimmy together...he and his wife flew up from Atlanta to catch the show. We all loved it. Hard to pick a favorite tune, but was happy to hear "Another Road" - it wasn't on the set list in Holmdel and it is one of my favorites (just want to mention, Kenny breaking into "Friend of the Devil" in Holmdel brought smiles to everyone around me...small magic moment...)...

The harmonies are still there. If there is any big difference in sound, it's that Kenny has improved on electric guitar. The rest is gloriously the same as ever!

I'll be one of the first to buy the cd from the shows...but I am really hoping Kenny, Jimmy and this band will get into a studio and record some new music...I'm guessing Jimmy is sitting on some great tunes ... Kenny too. Kenny said it well while he was on his own... "Keep the Fire"!! And start some new ones please! - Dick Porter

Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY

A UK-based fan since back in '71, I flew over from London to NYC specially for this show and it was worth every penny.

An evening full of memorable highlights ... Kenny's maniacal harp playing on Same Old Wine, his truly
spiritual vocal on Peace of Mind, Jimmy's note for note perfection on Be Free, and his fluid guitar playing all night...and that band!!! Any doubts that I had about how they could ever replace that stellar 1970s line-up were quickly dispelled. Were these guys even alive when L&M last hit the road together? They were just as good, if not even better. Jimmy's voice has matured over the years, and considering they've been on the road for three months now they sounded fantastic. The only thing missing, for me, was the epic Pathway To Glory, but hey, you can't have everything. So what's gonna happen when the tour's over? I can't believe they'll just shake hands and wish each other well. There has to be a new studio album, now, doesn't there? Right? A night to remember. - Leonard

My husband and I attended the show in Holmdel -- our first time ever seeing them live -- and counted the days until the Radio City show! I thought the last show was one of the best I have seen this year - but this one was even better. Jim and Kenny play with such enthusiasm and look like they are having as good of a time as the audience is. They could not have picked a better group of guys to play along with them - they are all so talented. It was 3 hours of pure
bliss. Let's hope they will be back again next year! -Mary Jo

I have been a big fan of Loggins & Messina since the early 70s, and I have been very excited with the prospect of being able to see them again. Last night was my opportunity at Radio City Music Hall in NY city.

From the very first note, it was obvious why I always loved this band. Their vocal harmonies were so clear and perfect, I closed my eyes and I was back in 1973. It was clear that they were really enjoying themselves.

They always had great musicians in their band, and they have always been generous in sharing the spotlight with those great musicians. I can see that they did an amazing job selecting musicians that not only were great players, but also complimented Kenny and Jim, as well as the other members of the band.

I am a music lover, and last night was the most fun musically I have had in a long time. The crowd was extremely receptive to their music, singing along with most of the songs, and it was crazy, but it seemed like it did seeing them in the 70s. Women dancing and swaying and everyone jumping around.

I hope that Kenny and Jim were encouraged enough to continue performing and even writing some new music. I think Loggins & Messina did not have a long enough run, and I would love to see the young people exposed to them for the first time. They will then learn and realize what great music is. - Kenny K

The one and only Loggins & Messina concert I had ever seen was in March 1973, at Carnegie Hall. Although I had attended many rock concerts since then, for years I would always tell my friends that the L & M show in 1973 was the best concert I had ever attended (Jim Croce was the opening act!). I still remember the excellent band
they had - including the late Jon Clarke (to whom the current tour is dedicated), who played two saxophones at once - I can still picture it!

When I heard that Kenny and Jimmy were back on tour, I couldn't wait to see them again. However, I must admit I was apprehensive, since I couldn't imagine how they
could match their '73 show. Well, I was wrong. I saw them at Jones Beach in July (on a perfect summer night) and was blown away by the musicianship and energy! I knew
Kenny still had one of the most amazing voices on this earth, but hadn't heard anything for almost 30 years from Jim Messina.I always thought Jim was a fantastic
guitarist, with his own unique style, and he reaffirmed that throughout all the great instrumental breaks. I also loved the obvious camaraderie between Jim and Kenny - and their wry humor.

When I learned that they would be in the New York area again, I had to buy tickets for the Radio City Music Hall show. They matched the Jones Beach show, and thrilled
the crowd with almost all of their classic songs from the 70's, done with an exceptional band. It's hard to point out any of the individuals from the band, because they are all outstanding musicians, but I was especially impressed by Shem, on bass and high harmony vocals (the only one, I think, that Kenny took from his former backup band) and Gabe, on keyboards. I think this band could be a success on
their own (although I would hope they would stay with Kenny and Jimmy).

Hearing Kenny and Jimmy, with their exceptional band, play almost all their classics reminded me of how good their music (and much music from that era) was. They made me want to dust off their lyrics and sing some of their repertoire myself, as I did in the old "wine and cheese" cafes in the 70's - "Long Tail Cat', "Danny's Song",
"Watching the River Run", "Listen To A Country Song", for a few (my only complaint about their shows was that they shortened their versions of "Danny's Song" in their encore, inexplicably leaving out the 2nd and 3rd verses).

I can only hope that, given the success of their tour, and the exceptional response from their audiences, Kenny and Jimmy will decide to stay together a bit longer, and perhaps write some new music. A tour in '06 would be great! Thank you, Kenny and Jimmy, for giving us all a musical experience we will never forget. - Brian McGeough